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Free day Glorious Free day

Free day, what is a free day? For me it’s a reprieve from the constraints of a fairly (highly!) structured day to day existence. I work out, do a little running, and eat a diet high in protein and fruit and vegetables that through trial and error I’ve established over the years. A normal day consists of a few (sometimes 3 or 4) protein shakes, some oatmeal, a BIG salad with egg whites and quark, as my previous post will attest to. Now come the free day, all these food groups are represented plus more, much more.

Today was one of those fortunate “free” days, King Henry the 8th, my dear rotund friend, you would be proud. Dining in an upscale Spanish Tapas restaurant that is a London foodie destination was definitely the right place to fall off of the wagon; fell so hard in fact that the weight of the fall left quite a severe impression on the landscape, belly included. With a $70 credit, courses were ordered. Every fringe diet from Atkins (2 orders of lamb shops AND beef) to cacao overdosing (chocolate cake, mmmm) was followed. The food kept coming, in waves, just finishing the last morsels when the next dish arrived.

We ate, then ate, then ate some more, it was gluttony in all its glory. Butter, melted cheese, gooey chocolate and thick ice cream, it was a case of going downhill spiralling out of control and just letting destiny take its course.

The whole idea of a “free” day is to consume as much as you can of things that you would never rationally consider otherwise. Butter on top of chocolate? Sounds perfect! Cheese melted on deep fried vegetables? At least 3 please. And so I fell into my free day face first, residual chocolate still smeared across my lips!

The best way to cope with healthy eating? Throw in a “free” day, every 7 days or so and you’ll find putting up with brown grains and egg whites are a snap. I can do 6 egg whites on Tuesday when I know that half a chocolate cake is coming on Sunday! Try it out, I dare you!

Chocolate Lips

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