Working World

In the Trenches

And so it was that I found myself at hour 9. How had it come to this, how was it that I have devoted yet another day to the tediousity that was this working world. We must all find some means of subsistence, some manner by which to cover our expenses and hopefully have a little bit left over to play with. Goals in mind yes, I’m saving for big and bright things, but being in the trenches like I was makes it hard to think about the future fruits of this labour.

It has been said that find something that you love and pursue it as a career and not only will you never work a day in your life, but you will thrive under these pristine conditions. But I pose the question, what if you don’t know what it is that you truly love enough to neglect everything else and focus on this one area.

So there I was, doing the dirty deed again, grinding out the hours with a perma-smile planted right on my kisser. Everyone wants something, now, now, now. The service industry is not for the faint at heart. It really tests you inner mantle, and unless you remain focused on your goals, a job in this industry can really eat at your soul and make you lose faith in humanity. Everyone should have to spend a few weeks employed in the service industry, unable to quit as bills becon to be paid. To fully appreciate what must be endured, on a daily basis for those unfortunate enough to make a living in this industry, one must be dropped off in the trenches and made to fight to it out. A few shifts taking orders and clearing plates, dirty napkins included, would really make you question how important it was that your water had 2 lemons instead of just 1 (or none if truth be told).

At any rate, nearly 13 hours put in today, it’s a long time to spend doing something that you hate. Truly it must be time to tie up my bootstraps and kick my ass into gear, high gear, Mach10 gear. No Ruby slippers for me, I’ll have to make it out head first.

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