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“Stripped you from Me”

Tough trails are guaranteed
As I try to figure out my way
The barriers are everywhere
Meant to keep discontent at bay

Clenching non-conformity
Hidden deep within my bag
Nondescript on the outside
Similarity is this instance is good

Throngs of faceless uniformed bodies
Everyone the same, the same, the same
Cut from a pattern, that’s no longer relevant
But there’s little desire to escape

Making my way over barriers
Doing what I must to not be seen
But when out in the open I end up courting danger
For there are spies hidden up in the trees

I strip away layers
That serve to camouflage the truth
If I’m to make a difference, I must shown that I’m serious
For at stake is the salvation of the youth

Needing new leaders
Needing new lessons
Needing new policies
Needing new guarantees

Heading deep underground
That’s where it all begins
Mindfully hushing, all conversations
Or freedom will never be achieved

Slowly building the courage
To topple the barriers in place
No matter how toughened are the cement barriers
Bit by bit they will come undone

New chants are being practiced
New mantras are being learned
The size of the force grows exponentially
The volume is sure to overwhelm

Sinister shouts accompany forceful footsteps
The security faction is out on the hunt
Determined to stamp out every last agitator
Our complete destruction is their ultimate goal

But try as they might, to quell our fight
To gain power, respect and more
No matter their tactics, they’re out of practice
For our weapons are future-based

error: Copyright 2022 Christopher Little. All rights reserved.