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“Saw it Finally”

Saw it Finally Feature

Tender thoughts

As I think of something

Unknown by the masses

Definition kept a secret


A journey yet so long

And yet still not here

Nothing yet to see

Nothing yet to declare


Searching for a pathway

Far from the light

Movements unseen

Trek through the night


Tiptoe steps taken

Meaning there are no prints

Breathes held within

Meaning there are no sounds


Progress measured in inches

Meaning progress is small

But progress is occurring

Meaning success will surely come


Sneaking past the watchers

Too bored to care

They notice not a thing

For their attention is elsewhere


A secret journey taken

In search of unknown booty

Motivations withheld

So as to maintain the confusion


Tick-tock by tick-tock

Time moving on

When will it end

Answer unknown


Booty in the mind’s eye

Booty in the hand

Booty filled the heartened chest cavities

Of the booty seeking junkies


This way and that way

Which way to go

Twisting and turning

Destination still unknown


Digging for a clue

Hunting for a lark

Sussing for the shadow

Of the elusive booty’s container


Searching for a choice

 Through an unknown path

Rolling down the hill

There’s no turning back


Rear view mirrors

Left off trail

Step by step pushing onward

Albeit at the pace of a snail


Lungs wide open

Eyes on the hunt

To discern the truth

Must outpace the lies


Cascading into the shadows

Couldn’t face myself

Castigated by reality

Crippled by doubts


Fantastical voyage

Keep moving on

Motivations keep changing

For this journey has been long


Impossible to suppress

Emotions that are true

Bubbled to the surface

Cover now blown


Voices reveal hidden truths

Suppressed for far too long

Internally we already knew

That actions were entirely wrong


Cover-up for the sake of others

Dare not let them in

Lights purposefully left un-engaged

Until the journey begins


Living in manners so false

So as to appease the mass

A miserable existence for much longer than an instance

Not much longer can this continue on


Feet now orientated in a forward direction

Important first steps now done

All but impossible to turn around now

For the sun is out in full force


Shadows recoil in terror

Their cover is now too small

This reality was but inevitable

Though you still tried to deny


Nodding along to perfection ideals

Mourning goals that you’ll never achieve

You lack of perfection destroys your erection

Your heightened trajectory forever stymied


A tear for sympathy

A tear for relief

A tear for forced acceptance

A tear for infinite new beliefs


Who will stay and who will go

You can’t say either way

All you can do is all you can do

Acceptance is now your most trusted ally

error: Copyright 2022 Christopher Little. All rights reserved.