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“Preened for Posture, Imposter”

My movements: multi-directional

Guess if you will

Anticipate if you wish

But my location remains concealed


Everyone trying to catch up

But I’m playing hide and seek

But I’m using coy language

So only the barest of essentials do I ever reveal


The plebs are chasing false dreams

Which I’ve embedded in their heads

These disciples are so obedient

And they’re ever so easily misled


They accept all of my grandiose ramblings

As nothing less than the truth

They dare not question, the ideas that I present to them

Their faith is gratifyingly thick


My loyal brood, will complete whatever task I ask them to

Their devotion is foolheartedly strong

If I were to claim to be a prophet, they would readily accept it

And then go out of their way to recruit new followers


But if a  prophet I am, it’s because of them

But regardless of origins  it’s a role I will gladly accept

But to keep their faith, I must keep a frenzied pace

So as to prevent them from seeing the charlatan within


I shine up my reflectors, make sure to keep them golden

The glossy sheen dazzles all that gaze upon

And it’s this ritual process, that keeps away the inspectors

And so my slate remains perpetually clean


But those inspectors are relentless, so I’m in constant motion

Doing what I can to stay one step ahead of the bunch

I continue about my business, accumulating more victims

My nature is far too cagily forceful to be stopped


And you’ve likely seen me, or someone like me

Plying the con in the place that you inhabit

Using the same language, causing the same damage

Doing whatever it takes to get what we can


And the words that we use, are meant to confuse

So as to keep our true nefarious motives obscured

We entrap who we will, just for the thrill

And take but a single nibble before throwing them away


Let’s turn back the attention, onto yours truly

Because this tale all about me and the damage that I’ve done

And because my nature, is so dangerously destructive

You best get away while you still have the chance


Plying the con game, always the same way

A master of persuasive words yes I am

My language is so sticky, my diction ever tricky

And everything gets packaged so as not to disturb


I hand out my card, to all that pass by

I’m a businessman, or so the world does think

A vendor of many things, I prey on the ignorant

And I can find them wherever I go


But believe not the advertised charmer, for within there’s a sinister beast lurking

And that monster is determined to annihilate the world

With an insatiable appetite for destruction, that monster is incredibly dangerous

None are safe from the overarching fatal claws


Donate, donate, step up and donate

Your plasma is most welcome here

And you best give it up, and a great quantity of the stuff

Or it will have to  be taken  by force


A brute, a meany, a scallywagged heathen

Yes those terms are definitely all apt

I prey on the naive, and do with them as I please

And there’s nothing off-limits with me


Beware, beware, best get out of here

Run away while you’ve still got the chance

I’m locked on target, and YOU are the target

And the outcome for those I’ve captured is never good

error: Copyright 2022 Christopher Little. All rights reserved.