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“Burnt Toast”

Toasted moments

Crisped to perfection

Singed on all the sides

Truth un-detected


Fragrant aromas

Fill up the senses

Fraudulent philosophies

The rhetoric relentless


Fried up policies

Stuck to the pan

Blackened out details

Diversions so grand


Spicy linguistics

Too complex to absorb

Too hot to swallow

Too sizzled to hear


Bravely took a nibble

What have you done?

Your lips now on fire

But worse is your tongue


Your tongue destroyed

Burnt beyond repair

You tear it from your mouth

Silence ensured


And just as you’ve done

So does the crowd

They’ve taken their own nibbles

And their own tongues they’ve removed


And gone though the shouts are

The crowd does remain

Too famished, too shell-shocked

To go anywhere


The people, them be hungry

The people, them be scared

The people, them be lined up

Just as them be told


Nourishment they’re seeking

But nourishment they get not

And though their plates be piled high

It’s with stuff they should eat not


Too hungry to abstain

So eat it they do

Too famished for reason

Too defeated to complain


Disgruntled? Yes

Disjointed? Indeed

Dissatisfied? Most certain

Destruction- their creed


So if that be their status

What now will they do?

Is insurrection at hand?

Will violence ensue?


Could be, may be

Who is to say?

Watch and listen

And for peaceful endings let us all pray


And so we watch and we listen

As they push through the line

We witness the chaos and disorder

Of this crowd, they who are anarchy -inclined


Their voices, so angry

Their fists, un-tamed

Their feet- stomp ready

Their will- to destroy


They scope out their target

Set their sights on his head

He’s the one with the blacked pan

The cooker of men


Sensing the danger

Chef worries not

He creates a smoky diversion

That cuts the Oxygen off


Choking and coughing

The crowd’s overcome

No breath to be found

Lord be merciful on them


The smoke nullifies the anger

And for a moment there is calm

But anticipating a crowded reaction

The chef pulls from his pocket a gun


Bang-bang, bang-bang

Crowd falls down

Bang-bang, bang-bang

Streets covered in blood


Shaken and stirred

Afraid for their lives

The protestors all scatter

Democracy denied yet again

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