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“Affluenza Affliction”

Our consumption is too excessive

A pace we can’t keep up

Trucking along at breakneck speed

But we don’t know how to get off

Our lives? In chaos

Our movements? A blur

We live for but one thing

Consume, consume, consume

A slovenly trail we’ve awakened

And what a despicable trail it is

Filled not with experience or connections

But instead with purchased things

Is this all there is we ask?

Surely there must be something more

But all the evidence points to the contrary

An answer all involved deplore

More to life there most certainly is

Ways and focus need only be changed

But after years and years of living this way

These excessive ways prove near impossible to slay

Go away please go away

Free my mind of want

Please leave the bare necessities if you will

And take only the consumables

Acclimatised to a certain lifestyle

Luxurious is the word

Top shelf is the lay of the land

And nothing but the best will do

Then suddenly oh suddenly

Out of nowhere it occurs

Bankruptcy is the impetus

Gone are these luxurious goods

Crashing down, crashing down

House of cards falls to the ground

What once was taken for granted

Now seems like it never even occurred

Mourning lost opportunities

Closed are all past golden doors

Gluttonous friends now mysteriously absent

You’re stuck poor and all alone

You unleash a torrent of ravished tears

As plump and juicy as were once your lips

Alas those puckers of yours are now soured and slim

For by poverty they have been kissed

Pucker up then suck it up

Turn that frown around

Life is about more than just luxury things

In fact life is a luxury onto itself stuff

Suck it up oh suck it up

That life you knew is gone

So mourn it if you feel that you must

Then do what you must to move on

Buy and buy and buy and buy

For how long was that you?

TOO long is the simple answer

Buying was all that you knew

A life now comprised NOT of consumption

For that life you can no longer afford

Your life is now dedicated to simpler things

Modesty is the word

Opening up doors you’ve never known

You do it because you must

Forced into alternative avenues

And the paths of strangers you don’t trust

Now that new passages and connections have been made

Are you ready to follow through?

Or will you try and live in the past?

What’s a morally bankrupt person to do?

error: Copyright 2022 Christopher Little. All rights reserved.