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Blurry Eyed

So there I was blurry eyed and heeding to the call of nature. There’s always a point midway through my glorious slumerfests that I awake, unsure as to the reason. After careful consideration, and ruling out every other possibility I always come to the same conclusion, I must meet nature head on. So there I was emptying the bladder, at 5 in the morning (these watering breaks are never at a convenient time). The sun rises early in the UK, by 4:30 it’s as light outside as midday and the body is ready to go. Finishing my deed I went and washed my hands, hygiene is next to godliness they say; though for me it’s just an assurance that I’m not carrying any dribbles. At any rate, hovering over the sink, hands under water I made the mistake of looking up. There I was, face to face with myself. Shocking! When did a man get so old looking anyways? Now granted, no-one really looks good at 5 am, and if you do, the question then becomes why?

Aging is part of the game of life, unavoidable; it’s coming on strong daily. Every moment we creep on just a little bit more. The changes really are so subtle that our daily exposure to ourselves keeps the nuances of change under wraps. But for whatever reason, on this particular occasion it was quite shocking. The gray is starting to creep on, strand by strand, I like to think it makes me more distinguished looking, yet once it gets hold there’s no reversing direction.

The maturing process is all about accepting things, finding some sanctity within them and moving on. We’re all going through this process, friends, peers, family and everyone in between. This is one of the glorious aspects of Facebook, you can check out how everyone else is dealing with their own battle. A little voyeurism is good, there’s always someone doing a whole lot worse than you.

So there I was 5 am, staring at the gray, at the crevasses which were staring right back at me. At 5 am there is nothing on your mind save for the desire to get it back into wondrous dreamland. Thus when a conscious thought creeps in, there’s nothing to block it out and help you forget this man in the mirror, very unagreeable at this ungodly hour, so I did the best I could, turned my back on him! Crawling back into bed, I tossed and turned as I did a quick life review. Somewhere in all those twists and turns I gave myself this roadmap of lines that I was now adorned with. Freak-out at 5am, Yoga breathing to the rescue. Slowly I faded away into slumber, quickly falling into a dream about being 24 again, and then the nightmares began! Ah yes, 24, this is why I have all these lines! Smile on my face I sidestepped the woe and got back to business, because I need my beauty sleep more than ever!

Tired Eyes

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