Terry Reid

Given the choice to front Led Zepplin, would you? Would you take the helm at the powerhouse and light the fuse to the power keg? Or would you subtlely suggest another and go your own way? Well well my dear driends, Terry Reid, Super Lungs as he has deservedly been named, did have the choice to be the voice of rock. Instead he pointed to another, Robert Plant, and stepped aside, to follow his own path. Largely unknown to the masses, surely not as reveared as Robert Plant, alas he in an unsung rock hero. A voice akin to Plant’s, yet distinct and more honied, still to this day you can see him perform without any of the pretensions that Led Zep carry with them. There is no lottery to enter to get tickets, it’s just a matter of tracking down a venue that he’s playing out. Originally from the UK, he now resides in California, seems that the sun does a body good.

 Lucky was I that I saw him perform at the Southbank centre in London in May. Part of Mick Taylor’s (himself formerally of tons of rock bands, including the Rolling Stones) Blues Summit. A real wing ding of an evening, seems that any planned set list went out the door once they walked through it. Terry was the pillar that held everything together, bantering with the audience, and singing his heart out. The fortunate were in the audience to experience a true professional at work.

I, alike many others, have a list of performers that I must see at some point before the “end”, and Terry Ried was quite near the summit. Joyfully I listen to his music and am reminded of mere weeks ago when I saw him in the flesh.

For those that need to discover this musical genius you must listen to Seed of Memory, truly some of his greatest work.

To discover more, check out his website:

Terry Reid 1968

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