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“Tick-Tack-Toe Them Under”

By Christopher Little

Published in “Our Times” Magazine 1/1/2004

We know them by name

but they are not known except for their name

used and abused until they are put out

on the corner to be picked up by somebody else

pushed through machinery and ground up whole

consumed until there is nothing left to grind, they are no longer solid

frayed nerves, savage burns, they have been betrayed

an expiry date placed upon them when they begin

the patrons aren’t meant to see them, but I know these men

and this is not where their story began

it is an unending cycle

family survival rests on their shoulders

but like Sisyphus with his never resting boulder

they push on with their ceaseless duty

while the kitchen fills up our senses

the workers remain one slip-up from a slip out

their silent pain goes on

even as a new day dawns
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