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“Fawn of the Night”

Day passes quickly into night
of wonders and dreams

Daytime responsibilities abdicated for nocturnal realities
the conscious mind subverted by surreal symbols

which represent truth, but only to those that understand them


He understands, and believes what he sees

which at this moment is a strong-willed fawn


Too stubborn to stand still, she lingers for less than a second
then is off, leaving footprint evidence behind
just barely, for the snow conspires to cover her tracks


He must move fast if he’s to catch this one and so he launches

dutifully following the trail as it leads off into the distance

Though he hopes that it isn’t a figment that he’s chasing after

only time will tell


Step by step he steps, his heart rate quickens as his pace increases


He winds through a forest populated by craggy old Willow trees

Unfriendly giants, these cratered old gazers block out the rays of the moon with their outstretched leafy arms

“Get out, Get OUT!” they bellow

but it’s a command unheeded for he has a furry tail on the brain

Venturing ever further he passes a gingerbread house painted candy cane red, and emerald green
The un-nutritiously delicious homestead begs him to stop
to rest and have a nibble
but the single-minded gentleman refuses to even consider it and continues on


Passing through a field of ice populated by nymphs
they call out to him in unison to come over and play, with them,
yet he hears not their alluring voices
for he is focused on another
but where is she?


As is her trail

And her tail

Perhaps she really was a figment?

He vows to hold out for certainty…

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