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“Too Close to Nothing”

A gentle whisper

As I mouthed my intentions

To see if you’d listen

A wordless lip gesture

To see if you’d understand

To see if you’d pick up

My message

And did you?

Your eyes were open

So I slathered my intentions upon them

To get a reaction

From you, out of you

But I didn’t

Get a reaction

From you, or out of you

So I broke my silent stance

And shouted as loud as my lungs would let me

And then I waited, and waited

OH how I waited

For you

To say something, anything

But you gave me nothing, not a thing

And you did hear me…didn’t you?

You must have, for I saw you flinch

But maybe, just maybe, it was just a coincidence

So maybe, just maybe you didn’t

Hear me that is

And maybe just maybe, neither did I

Hear myself that is

Maybe, just maybe

It was a mere figment

Of someone’s imagination

And maybe, just maybe

What I thought was something

Was actually nothing

Not one single thing

Aurally speaking

Or not speaking as was the case

For there was neither noun

Nor verb

Not even a single breath

But how can that be

It doesn’t make any sense

For I shouted as loudly as I could

This burning in my throat is proof of that

And if I have to shout again

Then I will

Just to prove it


Actually, on second thought

After a near instantaneous re-evaluation

I rescind that boisterous offer

Too fearful that if I try

That everything that I want confirmed

And acknowledged

Won’t be

Or that I’ll open up my mouth

And nothing will come out

And then what will I do?

error: Copyright 2022 Christopher Little. All rights reserved.