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“Aimless Traveler”

Aimless traveler

you go where the wind takes you


But in this subterranean tunnel

There is no breeze

At least not of the natural variety


Head bobbing

Body swaying

You’ve merged with your mode


Focus on you, as you always do, shows the aftershocks of land turbulence


Aimless traveler

You sit distracted

So as to lull away the monotony

This journey taken

Thousands of times

So you play mind games

With yourself

So as to cope

For there is no hope to speak of


Aimless traveler you continue towards never-never land

As landmarks, pockmarks, and loan sharks all go unnoticed

You’re too busy, much too dizzy to direct your attention

On anything specific


Aimless traveler

You sit compelled to do nothing

but sit and do nothing

A wastage of time which you’ve long since accepted

For there really is no other way


You sway back and forth aimless traveler

Collecting your aimless jollies from your aimless travels

But you refuse to live any other way

And so your passport remains empty

And so your passport remains

And so your passport

And so

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