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“Escapism of the music”

Glorious sounds I can escape in

They shatter my bitterness whole

They remove any misconceptions that I have about life

They dull my mind to the sameness that swallows us all


The magical sounds prompt escapism

They beat me away from the mundane

Life is suddenly better, more glorifying

The sound waves cleanse me of my routines like a nourishing rain


In the music I find myself naked

My body enraptured from within

My nerve endings are all buzzing now

I have ascended into the stratosphere above like a star


My church is the stereo

Through which the preacher man soothes his thought provoking words

I get down on my knees to give thanks for his sermon

As I have already lived the tales that he has eloquently revealed


The backing beat, it fills me

Bang, bang, bang is how it goes

The magical sounds put me in a trance like nothing else

To its seductive sounds I have succumb


Savage and uncouth are the descriptors for me that they choose

For I’ve shunned societies dulled down ways

A new awakening within, and so a new life begins

Forever more in this mind state I shall remain

error: Copyright 2022 Christopher Little. All rights reserved.