Chris Little is a Media producer, artist and poet whose work often combines elements of audio, video, photography and the written word. Primarily a documentarian, Chris unique vision has come through a combination of academic research, extensive education and self-guided explorations into the mysteries of the world. A disciple of the universe, his art practice is a continuum of growth.

Well versed in all things media, Chris has designed/produced CD-ROMs, been a project manager for various multi-media projects, worked as a photojournalist/photo editor, videographer/editor and has created and maintained a variety of web sites from the ground up. A professional through and through, every project undertaken by Chris is specifically tailored so as to meet the specific needs and demands of individual clients.

Chris’s portfolio can be found on his website at:

and he can be emailed at:

Feedback and questions are always encouraged, so please feel free to contact Chris with your thoughts and queries.